Since the emergence of Social Media within the digital realm, many businesses have struggled to harness the true potential of using social media as a means to promote a business.

Social Media allows for your business to increase brand awareness and loyalty from customers.

Once you have an online presence, people are able to discover your brand and ultimately connect with you. Not only can they contact you, but more importantly, you can contact them and learn about their wants and needs.

‘Content’ in social media terms refers to written content such as ‘blogs’ or visual photos and videos.

Having a strategy for planning content for social media is crucial. A social media strategy enables a business to plan their content in advance, making the job of doing social media easier, and also ensures businesses make the most of content opportunities around them.

Good use of Social Media can greatly impact positively on Search Engine Optimisation i.e. how visible you are online.

Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated, there are some great examples of companies that use simple tactics to generate enormous engagement.

Utilising social media combined with producing great quality content can improve your online profile, provide a route to understand and engage with your customers, and advertise your business effectively.