7. Hire and train staff

As your business expands, you’ll need more capacity to produce or provide your product or service, and a wider range of skills. The easiest ways of achieving this are usually by taking on new staff, or training your existing workforce.

Employing people
By taking on new people you can spread your workload, expand production and take advantage of new and different skills and expertise.

This applies whether you already have employees, or you started your business on your own as a sole trader and are thinking about taking on staff for the first time. Find out about your responsibilities when employing someone.

Taking on an apprentice allows you to grow your capacity by investing in people who want to learn. Your business benefits from the skills they develop as they train both on and off the job.

Find out about the practical steps involved in taking on an apprentice.

Training your staff
You can improve the range and level of skills in your business by training up existing staff. Giving staff training opportunities can increase their loyalty to your company and their productivity – as well as your profits.

Schemes and organisations that can help you to grow your business through training include:

Watch a video about how knowledge management can help your business grow.

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